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Want to be a part of Your Discomfort Zone's community?


I invite you to join Your Discomfort Zone's membership to be a part of the mission. Becoming a member is completely free and easy by joining the Discord channel. You will have exclusive access to a community of like-minded people to grow and network with, bible studies, merchandise, and special projects.


Explore. Expand. Encourage.

Exploring new places, learning new things, and encouraging others along the way is really important for your growth. Living your life with this motto requires you to get out of your comfort zone!


The goal of this community is to grow together by inspiring each other with shared ideas and experiences. You will be able to choose which member group(s) you would like to be a part of including, but not limited to, bible studies, travel, and networking. You will also have access to the Your Discomfort Zone channel on the Discord app.




Be a part of making an impact on different communities and causes. These type of projects include, but are not limited to:

  • fundraisers

  • pay it forward movements

  • random acts of kindness

  • meals for the hungry

  • holiday help such as gifts for families in need

  • Pen pals/sending encouraging letters to people such as nursing homes, shelters, and strangers!


You will have first access to all merchandise such as apparel, stickers, mugs, water bottles, etc. You also have the opportunity to become an ambassador with promo codes to make a commission!

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