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FAQ About My Life

If you have any questions on why, how and where I move every year, you might be able to find it answered below. If not, send me a message on any of my social media accounts or through the form on the Contact page.

Why do you move every year?

After high school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to go to college for and didn’t want to go into major debt trying to figure it out. I knew I wanted to learn by traveling because not all classrooms have four walls, but I wanted to do it differently than most.

I want to be able to be somewhere long enough to find the cool hole in the wall places, develop friendships and networking opportunities, get better at a new skills for work and to make a Christ-like difference even in the smallest of ways one interaction at a time. 365 days is the perfect amount of time for me plus yearly leases are most common when looking for places to live. This lifestyle has allowed me to live every day in my Discomfort Zone and I learn and get so much out of that.

Where all have you lived?

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Downtown Indianapolis

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Covington, Georgia

Currently in San Marcos, Texas which is between Austin and San Antonio

What’s your favorite place to live so far?

I've been very blessed with the opportunity to live in so many great places, but I do catch myself thinking about Chattanooga every day because of the people and mountains.

Where do you work?

Depends on when you’re reading this. Every time I move, I try to get a totally different kind of job so that I’m constantly learning new skills out of my comfort zone. It also helps me figure out what I like and don’t like so that I can have a better idea of what I want to go to college for in the future. Currently, I am doing marketing/admin at a non-profit children's shelter and youth council and love it!

I have a wide variety of jobs in the past that I miss working at and they include:

Dick's Sporting Goods

Express Scripts

Champy's Famous Fried Chicken

Phoenix Pass- supportive housing for single mothers and children

How can you afford it financially?

It doesn’t cost much for me to move my stuff because I only have a few items and some clothes. I got rid of a lot when I started this journey. My dad and his truck have also been a huge help when it comes to moving and so have my friends muscles. Thank you if you have helped me! I save up for the first 2-3 months while I’m job searching once I move to the next place. Then I afford living there by working just like the other people who live there do. 

How long will you be doing this for?

My plan is to finish out my year in Texas and then head to Utah for 6 months - a year (depending on Covid-19). After that, I may end up somewhere closer to my family in Fort Wayne, but I will see what God has in store for me when I get to that point.

Do you ever miss your family and friends you make along the way?

Yes, of course. The good thing about technology and transportation these days is that I can FaceTime them anytime and can always visit them or have them visit me.

How do you find somewhere to live?

I usually find a college town and get on their Facebook off campus housing page and find roommates through that. It's honestly been different each year, but that is a great way if you're looking to find a roommate because people are always looking on there.

How do you meet friends?

My friends and family have always joked about me being able to make friends with a brick wall if I really had to. I’ve never had a hard time making friends by just talking to strangers to be honest. Plus, when I move somewhere where I don’t know anyone, I’m forced to do things that I like by myself and then I meet people there who also love whatever I’m doing and can develop friendships through that common interest. Work, sports, social media and church are also great ways to meet people. Let me know if you want to be friends!

Does it make dating hard?

I don’t think my traveling is why I’m single. I have yet to find the right Jesus-loving guy at the right time. I 100% trust in God’s timing especially about that. I believe that when God says I’m ready for a relationship, He will send me to the right guy at just the right time.

Have you always believed in God and when did faith become most real to you?

I was blessed to be able to attend a private Lutheran school from pre-school until high school graduation where I was learning about God every day from the first day of school until the last. Thank you to every single one of my teachers who have been such good role models for me to look up to growing up and still to this day.

When I graduated, I wasn't receiving the Word every day and my mental health suffered because of it. After some mental challenges that I have now overcome, I realized it wasn't a coincidence that I was suffering mentally the same time I stopped having daily devotions with God at school. I decided to actively work on strengthening my relationship with God every day again in my own studies that I find online or through church. You can read more about that time in my life in my You Can Peak At Rock Bottom blog post.

Spread a little love and be a friend today!

Myranda Harper

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