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"Something Good" BINGO Card
$3.50 for 1 with Free Shipping

$12 for 5 with Free Shipping

"I pray something good happens to you today."


Playing this Bingo card can be a fun way to get you into the habit of noticing and appreciating the good that God blesses us with every day, big or small, expected or unexpected.


  • Soft "velvet" touch lamination

  • Double Sided

  • Premium high-quality, specialized stock paper


Each "Something Good" shirt purchase will include one FREE "Something Good" Bingo Card.

Shirts are available to purchase here.

Fill out form below to order Bingo Cards.

Order Your Bingo Cards

Once your order is submitted, I will request your total cost on your preferred form of payment by the end of day. All requests will come from Myranda Harper and will include your order details to verify it's from me.


You can also easily calculate your total beforehand by adding it up yourself since shipping is free and there are no extra fees.


Once your order is shipped, I will E-mail you to let you know they're on the way. Orders should arrive within 2-5 business days after being shipped. 

Thank you for your order!

This is "something good" in so many ways!

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